Deep Dark Living Part 1

deep deep down, where the water was almost too dark to see anything at all, my home was here, living in a glass-front-facing underwater cave The cave is fully decked out, a great airlock system and enough oxygen to sustain a generation, but It’s just me now

The underwater terrain isn’t so bad after all, the 30 square mile radius is lit up and bright by Algae that produce light

Often I go on swims, it helps to fight the cabin fever of living down here all alone Underwater Like this Occasionally we get S.O.S signals from crashed boats, but generally I don’t hear from most anyone Putting on the wet suit is so vexing  because I’d love to try just doing it in swimming shorts, but it would probably be too cold This outpost was the first of its kind, There was a lot of excitement when we all went off to sea but just as quick, nothing


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