Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday I hung out at home and played some music,  and some videogames Today I did much of the same.  I also ordered some picture-disc vinyl that I’m really stoked about. Tommorow I’m going to do more chemistry homework,  gotta catch up to my pace i set weeks ago.  It’ll also be a week till […]

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Deep Dark Living Part 1

deep deep down, where the water was almost too dark to see anything at all, my home was here, living in a glass-front-facing underwater cave The cave is fully decked out, a great airlock system and enough oxygen to sustain a generation, but It’s just me now The underwater terrain isn’t so bad after all, […]

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Adorable Contest Winners

First Place:  ConstantlyJosh T-shirt+Deck of Playing Cards+Favstar RT COMMANDER: Houston, we have a problem. H: Go ahead. C: Lieutenant Evans is as cute as a button and I just can’t concentrate. EVANS: tee hee — Todd Williams (@TheToddWilliams) November 23, 2014 Second Place: ConstantlyJosh T-shirt+Favstar RT [w/ daughter at store] "Honey pls lift ur feet when u walk." *she stops, […]

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